The following excerpt is taken from “Martin Luther’s Basic Exegetical Writings,” Edited by Carl L. Beckwith.  In the introduction to Luther’s writing on Mary’s Magnificat, Beckwith summarizes some of Luther’s thoughts, and captures something his heart.

“Luther describes our sin and pride as residing always in the heights, in the exalted things of the world, in power, riches, and pious appearances.  God resides, however, in the depths, among the poor, despised, and lowly.  He dwells in the darkness of faith where there is no light, no seeing, and no feeling.  In this place we come to know that we are made pious, righteous, and blessed by no work of our own but solely by faith.  It is this faith that sings forth the great works and deeds of God.  It is this faith, Mary’s faith, that all believers seek to imitate in word and deed.”