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How Does God Love?

by Thomas Provost

How Does God Love?  We often hear people say “God loves you.”  That statement may be reassuring on some level yet leaves us bewildered as to exactly what it means.  The statement seems a bit vague.  We may ask ourselves “How does God love me?” or “What does it mean that God loves me?” Is […]

Yahweh’s Suffering Servant

by Thomas Provost

Yahweh’s Suffering Servant  The following passage of Isaiah was most likely written toward the end of Isaiah’s ministry that spanned the years 739 BC to 701 BC.  The passage concerns the Suffering Servant of Yahweh that finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ well over 700 years later. Who has believed what he has heard from […]

Calvin’s Understanding of Church Leadership

by Thomas Provost

I thought this blog of Michael Horton’s was good and worth sharing. Calvin did not imagine that the New Testament gave us a precise liturgy or church order, but he was convinced that it gives us clear guidelines. From his study of the New Testament Calvin suggested that there are four offices: doctor, pastor-teacher, elder, […]