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Jesus – Lord of Glory

by Thomas Provost

Recently I spoke at a funeral.  I was told that I had five minutes to speak – max.  After talking for about two minutes about the deceased, I related the reason for the hope that we can all have in the face of death.  The following is a gist of what I shared: I spoke about Jesus being […]

Free Children of the Heavenly Jerusalem

by Thomas Provost

GALATIANS Sunday December 1, 2013   Free Children of the Heavenly Jerusalem Galatians 4:21 – 5:1       II. Paul’s Gospel Defended from Experience and Scripture (3:1 – 4:11)                   4. The Folly of Reverting to the Law (4:8 – 11) III. A Call to Freedom from the Law and Freedom in the Spirit (4:12 […]