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Paul’s Confidence In The Lord

by Thomas Provost

Paul’s Confidence in the Lord By Thomas Schreiner Exegetical Commentary On The New Testament Galatians (Zondervan Publishers; Grand Rapids, MI., 2010) “I have confidence in the Lord that you will take no other view, and the one who is troubling you will bear the penalty, whoever he is” (Galatians 5:10).        “Paul’s word of […]

Sermon Notes

by Thomas Provost

GALATIANS Sunday January 19, 2014   Hope’s Only Foundation Galatians 5:1 – 6     III. A Call to Freedom from the Law and Freedom in the Spirit (4:12 – 6:10)                   A. Live in Freedom from the Law: Argument from Friendship (4:12 – 20)                   B. Stand in Freedom: Argument from Allegory (4:21 – 5:1) […]

Evangelism In The Modern Culture

by Thomas Provost

The following article is taken from the NIV Essentials Study Bible by Zondervan Publishers; Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2013.     The title of the article is: How Do Christians Practice Evangelism in a Culture That Frowns on “Proselytizing”? (1 Co 9:19 – 23) “Ever since Jesus charged his disciples to ‘go and make disciples of […]

God Is Our Dwelling Place

by Thomas Provost

God Is Our Dwelling Place   Scripture reveals God as the dwelling place for His children.  Psalm 91 in particular speaks of the believer’s privilege of dwelling in the “secret place of the Most High.”  God is also referred to as a Rock, Fortress, Shield, Mountain Refuge, and High Tower.  God has chosen to reveal […]