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Perseverance And Assurance

by Thomas Provost

Perseverance And Assurance     Jesus Christ is my sole and all sufficient Savior.  I rest in His faithfulness alone.  If I had to trust in my own strength and ability to remain faithful I would miserably fail; actually, I already have.  I thank Him for His boundless and relentless mercy and grace.  All of […]

May 18, 2013. John Brown of Haddington – Part 2

by Thomas Provost

In the last blog post I gave a short bio of John Brown of Haddington.  Once again, he lived in and ministered in Haddington, Scotland.  He was born in 1722 and went into the glorious presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in 1787.  Following are two more quotes from his writings that I believe will […]

May 14, 2013. John Brown of Haddington

by Thomas Provost

The information for this short bio of John Brown was taken from Puritan Reformed Spirituality, by Joel Beeke and Meet The Puritans, also by Joel Beeke. John Brown was born in 1722 in the village of Carpow, near Abernethy, Scotland.  He was born and raised in poverty and obscurity.  His parents were poor and could […]

May 14, 2013. Union With Christ

by Thomas Provost

This quote is from the 17th century book by Edward Fisher; “The Marrow of Modern Divinity.”  In this book Fisher tries to correct the extreme views of both legalistic and antinomian views of Christianity.  In this poem he emphasizes the believer’s union with Jesus Christ and the awesome grace of God.  I believe that these […]

Jesus Our High Priest & King

by Thomas Provost

Jesus Our Priest & King Psalm 110 Evensong May 10, 2013     Psalm 110 is believed by some scholars to have been written to celebrate the coronation of one of David’s sons as king (perhaps Solomon).  Yahweh God invites the royal son of David to take his rightful place at His right hand, the […]