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The Reformation and the Word of God – Part II

by Thomas Provost

Was the 16th century Reformation a “revival?” I recently read this question in a book and felt intrigued by it.  After giving it some thought I have come to the conclusion that the Reformation was indeed a genuine revival.  I realize that most of us may not have viewed it as such, but lets consider […]

Regeneration Precedes Faith, by R. C. Sproul * APR 08, 2013

by Thomas Provost

Interesting post by R. C. Sproul, copied from   Feel free to comment on it.  I would like to see what others think. – One of the most dramatic moments in my life for the shaping of my theology took place in a seminary classroom. One of my professors went to the blackboard and wrote […]

“O How the Grace of God Amazes Me”

by Thomas Provost

The following post contain the words of a hymn written by an African pastor, Emmanuel T. Sibomana.  He was a Baptist pastor born around 1915.  He was born and lived near Musema in central Burundi.  He published this hymn in 1946 and it was translated into English by a missionary in Rwanda, Rosemary Guillebaud.  He […]

Quotes Worth Repeating

by Thomas Provost

Following are two quotes from Allen Ross’s Commentary On The Psalms by Kregel Publications.  These quotes are taken from his exegesis of Psalm 16 which he titles “The LORD’s Everlasting Provision and Protection.”  Allen Ross emphasizes the truth that the God who is good and protects and provides for His people will not abandon them […]